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Whether you are short on time, just want to have fun, or are looking to work on a particular presentation - 5-Stand is where you want to be.

Offering something for all skill levels, the 5-stand field is a great place for beginners. Instructors especially like to start you out here to demonstrate the correct stance, and ensure a proper gun fit and mount. Then you will be able to shoot those birds with ease. Once you break it - you're hooked!

Similar to sporting clays, our 5-stand [game] field has eight traps throwing targets from several different directions. At each of the five stations, there are five different targets or combinations of targets presented to the shooter. Each shooter moves through the individual stations and completes one round of "5-stand" with 25 shots. Our traps offer a variety of left and right crossing, overhead, rabbit, in-bound, out-bound, and chandelle targets. There is even a trampoline shot available. 

Our 5-stand traps are operated via a coin system and can be used by a solo shooter or groups of any size. This is a great place for beginners and we encourage everyone to have a try. Lots of fun, and shooting from the covered porch area (with a large industrial fan for those hot days) keeps you out of the sun - or the wet on a drizzly day.

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