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Jim Jordan

Jim is a sporting clays certified instructor for CSM (Coordinated Shooting Method), TRACS (Teaching Recreation & Competition Shooting), and NSCA (National Sporting Clays Association) and teaches shotgun shooting techniques from each method. He has completed additional instructor training for TRAP, SKEET, and HUNTING disciplines. Other areas of expertise include eye dominance and/or visual acuity issues; providing knowledge and a system to self-diagnose missed shots; creating practice routines for improvement; teaching how clay target shooting INTERTWINES with wild bird hunting and provides guidance purchasing a shotgun. Jim has had enormous success with beginning, intermediate, advanced, and master class shooters. 

Contact Me

I offer instruction on shotgun shooting (wing hunting, sporting clays, 5-stand, skeet, and trap), gun dog training and gun dog e-collar training, archery shooting, and bowhunting.

Phone: (423) 790-2519

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