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Sporting Clays


Our sporting clays course is typically 13 stations, can be expanded to as many as 15 stations, and when the need presents itself, we can set two complete courses on the property for charity / corporate shoots.

Our BRB Systems track the number of targets thrown and offer “instant release" and “solo delay” for single shooters. We offer everything from "softer” targets for beginners up to "harder” targets for shooters looking to improve their shotgun proficiencies. Sometimes stations have four traps - two are "soft" targets and two are “hard” targets.  Shooters choice - you decide the challenge.

We pride ourselves on keeping things interesting for our shooters, alternating shooting stands and moving our traps around regularly. We make every effort to keep targets visible against the background so you can sharpen your shooting skills - not test your eyesight.

We have shotguns available to rent and we recommend renting a cart for the sporting clays course. We also have an ample supply of 20 and 12 gauge shotgun shells available for purchase at a very reasonable price. You can bring your own ammo as long as it is within our required specifications - shot sizes of 7.5, 8, or 9 only. Maximum shell length of 2 ¾" Absolutely no 3" ammo allowed.

Use of assault-style or military/police defense style shotguns is prohibited. That includes guns with barrels under 22", magazine-fed guns, shotguns with pistol grips, and guns without a buttstock or with a folding or collapsable buttstock. 

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